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I am flawed if I'm not free.

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Pink Flamingos - Auguste Abeliunaite - Numéro #156 September 2014

Yayoi Kusama

I’m here but nothing

Yayoi Kusama began hallucinating spots atop the surfaces of her world at a young age. In these polka dots, at once simple and boundless, Kusama found a way to break from the self and look into infinity.

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"I will always be the virgin prostitute, the perverse angel, the two-faced sinister and saintly woman."

- Ans Nin, Henry and June (via inthemoodtodissolveinthesky)

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Anyone else?

I hate when I am with people who never let me get a word in. If you’re going to competitively interrupt me then why the fuck do we even hang out? Did you just need an audience member? You’re aNNOYING


M I M I L I 

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